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Hotslab also develops mobile apps that are tailor made to suit your organizational and personal needs.

These applications are cross platform and can be run on Apple’s IOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows, to enable you to reach a wider audience in the world.

These applications are built on the following development platform:



This platform creates mobile application that run on IOS, Android and Windows platform.

It creates these applications employing the new powerful HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript features, which are wrapped in a container that is native to the target mobile platform, for example Android.

Because of this implementation, the application runs and functions like a native application, and enables a “write once, run anywhere” scenario that allows us to create applications that will target all the major mobile platforms.

The great benefit of this is that you as the client can target multiple mobile platforms, whilst been able to maintain the same application code much easily.

Also, this reduces the costs of creating the application,  which means for you it will be affordable to have your own mobile application that offers great services for your target market.



This platform is also a cross platform app that runs on IOS, Android and Windows.

The major difference between it and Apache Cordova is that the applications are created using C#, an object oriented language that builds desktop software and many other software products

The great advantage of XAMARIN applications is that they enable more complex apps to be created that have much greater computational abilities.

*Hotslab will in future be aiming to create applications using this platform to allow startups we will work with to access its capabilities.

If you are interested in having your own tailor made mobile application to support your business or social community, and would like to set a meeting to discuss more about this possibility, please get in touch with us below.